Weekly Wonders: Rebellious Archetypes Volume III

October 2nd, 2015

Necromancers of the Northwest is proud to announce the release of our latest book, Weekly Wonders: Rebellious Archetypes Volume III. Currently available at drivethrurpg, paizo.com, and d20pfsrd.com, here's what the back of the book has to say:

Be a Rebel with a Cause!

                Not every evil lurks in deep, dark dungeons far away from innocent townsfolk, waiting patiently for adventurers to kick down their doors and start fighting. Some monsters don't just prey on society from without, but have burrowed and wormed their way into the very heart of the civilized world, and twist and corrupt the very laws that are supposed to protect the innocent, using them to oppress and exploit them, instead. These evils are no less a threat than the ones that most adventurers face, but many PCs are ill-equipped to deal with them. This is a job for rebels.

                This book presents five new rebellious archetypes for five different classes. Included are the society’s judge, an inquisitor archetype that focuses on clandestine investigation and mob fighting tactics, the mind criminal, a mesmerist archetype that implants rebellious thoughts in those around him and creates dangerous sleeper agents, the political assassin, a slayer archetype who makes political statements with her high-profile kills, the conjurer of riots, a summoner archetype that conjures aggressive—and often explosive—creatures, and the subversion specialist, a wizard archetype that specializes in casting spells unnoticed.

                Whether you're about to embark on a politically-themed campaign (such as the official Paizo adventure path focusing on revolution), or you just want a selection of exciting new abilities for passionate and freedom-loving PCs, this book has lots of tantalizing options to offer. Even GMs can get in on the fun, as several of the archetypes here are perfect for rebellious villains as well, and can make for exciting and memorable encounters.

And be sure to keep an eye out for next Friday's exciting new release, a collection of new occult rituals, using the rules from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Occult Adventures. What could make it even better? The rituals have a strong focus on the magic of the deep ones.



Gallery Galore

October 1st, 2015

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Excellent Extracts

September 30th, 2015

Let’s do some alchemy! This week’s new Obscure Arcana focuses on one of the more interesting spellcasting classes, the alchemist, with a trio of new high-powered extracts designed to produce terrible effects with a highly alchemical feel.




The Focused Wilder

September 29th, 2015

Time for some kinetic energy—or is it some energetic kinesis? Either way, today’s new Best in Class features a brand new kineticist archetype, the focused wilder, who has honed her mental abilities in order to save herself from deadly burn.



Gorbrakul, Slayer King

September 28th, 2015

This week brings another new NPC: this time, a mighty orc war chieftain named Gorbrakul the Slayer King. With levels in bloodrager and brawler, he’s a fearsome opponent on the battlefield, and sure to put the fear of orcs back into your party.