Super Size It

February 1st, 2016

Joshua Zaback

Exotic Encounters Archive

                We venture into uncharted territory with today’s Exotic Encounters as we take a close look at some new feats specifically for the very biggest and nastiest monsters. Today’s article was essentially inspired by problems we’ve encountered for including much larger creatures such as dinosaurs and giants into products we make and games we play; namely, that being super big should either be a lot better or a lot worse than it actually is. While a whole new set of rules are probably needed for how creatures of such fantastic size differentials interact with one another, such a rules-overhaul is really kind of beyond the scope of this article. Instead, I thought, why not just make some feats that let the very big guys enjoy being, well, so very big? And here we are.


Caster of Shadows [Monster]
So great is your size that you block out the very sun for those below, shrouding them in darkness.
Prerequisite: Gargantuan size or larger.
Benefit: The light level in areas adjacent to you is reduced by 2 steps. The affected area extends 20 feet out from your space, or 30 feet out if you are Colossal. This ability has no effect on light sources which originate below the vertical limit of your space; thus, sunlight, moonlight and the like are easily blocked, but light from torches or light spells on the ground are not. Note that unless you have darkvision or some other way to perceive creatures in darkness, you may be blind to threats adjacent to you.


Drop [Monster]
From your maximum reach, you hurl your foe to the ground, crushing the puny creature who dared stand against you.
Prerequisites: Str 27, grab monster special attack or Improved Grapple, Huge size or larger.
Benefit: When grappling a creature at least 3 size categories smaller than you, if you begin your turn in control of the grapple, as a free action you may choose to end the grapple by dropping your foe from a great height. The target is knocked prone in a square adjacent to you and suffers damage determined by your size: if you are Huge, the target suffers 3d6 + your Strength modifier points of damage; if you are Gargantuan, the target suffers 5d6 + your Strength modifier points of damage; and if you are Colossal, the target suffers 10d6 + your Strength modifier points of damage. The target may attempt an Acrobatics check, opposed by your CMD, to negate the prone affect and halve the damage from this ability.


Fatal Felling [Monster]
Even when all seems lost, you maintain control of your considerable bulk, and you make the most of a bad situation by controlling the direction you fall, if fall you must.
Prerequisites: Acrobatics 1 rank, Huge size or larger.
Benefit: Whenever you become prone, such as when you are tripped, fall asleep, or are slain, you may choose which direction you fall. You then fall prone in that direction, landing in a space adjacent to the space you were standing in, instead of simply being prone in the same space you were standing in (you still take up your normal space when you fall prone in this way). If any of the squares you fall into are occupied by creatures smaller than yourself, each of those creatures must succeed on a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your racial Hit Dice + your Strength modifier) or suffer 1d6 points of damage for each size category he is smaller than you, and becomes pinned under your bulk (though you do not gain the grappled condition). The pinned condition immediately ends when you cease to be prone.


Living Wall [Monster]
You are an expert at interjecting your sheer bulk between those you would protect and their attackers, rendering their frail efforts in vain.
Prerequisites: Combat Expertise, Huge size or larger.
Benefit: Whenever you use Combat Expertise, fight defensively, or take a total defense action, you provide total cover to creatures and objects on one side of you against attacks made or spells cast by creatures at least 2 size categories smaller than you that originate from the opposite side of you. Siege weapons and other exceptional attack forms are not affected by this ability, at the GM’s discretion.


Stride Over [Monster]
You walk over the rabble, neither trampling them underfoot nor knocking them over, but rather striding wholly above their heads.
Prerequisite: Huge size or larger.
Benefit: You may move through the spaces of creatures of at least 3 size categories smaller than yourself at full speed, without need of an Acrobatics check, and you do not provoke attacks of opportunity from such creatures. You cannot end your movement in a square occupied by another creature, unless it is helpless.