Going the Distance

April 4th, 2012

Alex Riggs

Magic Market Archive

            Hello, and welcome to yet another Magic Market. Today’s assortment of magic goods is a little unusual, as they fall into a category of magic items that you simply don’t see all that often: magical transport. Sure, if you have all the gold in the world you can afford a magic carpet big enough for you and your friends, and if you have no sense of style, I guess you could ride around on a giant fly, or inside a crab-shaped contraption of levers and gears, but other than that your magical transportation options are rather limited. Or, rather, they were…until now.



Amphibious Longship

Amphibious Longship

            This longship has particularly long and thick oars, which jut out from its sides, appearing like nothing so much as the legs of a huge insect. The oars work automatically, at the command of the helmsman, propelling the ship forward without any need of a crew to row them. Additionally, the “oars” can transform into legs, allowing the ship to walk on land at a pace of up to 2 miles per hour (20-ft. movement speed), although when it is in the water it has a normal movement speed for a longship (3 miles per hour, or a 30-ft. movement speed). The amphibious longship has sails, and can be propelled by them, but few captains find a need to do so, unless the oars are broken or otherwise in need of repair.


Balthavius’s Magnificent Carriage

Balthavius's Magnificent Carriage

            This ornate carriage is made of the finest wood and is expertly crafted. With a command word, its appearance can change to suit the whims of the owner, adjusting the color of its paint and the style of the engravings and other adornments that decorate the outside. This redecoration also allows the owner to change the crest or symbol displayed on the side of the carriage, if any. No matter what decoration scheme you choose, the paint always appears fresh, and the carriage appears expensive and ostentatious.

            The inside of the carriage is well-furnished and incredibly comfortable, and remains relatively still and peaceful even on the bumpiest of roads. The temperature of the inside of the carriage is magically controlled, and can be adjusted with a command word, setting the internal temperature to anywhere from 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The carriage’s inside also contains an enchantment that, with a command word, allows the owner to create a silence effect. This effect can be one way (typically allowing those inside the carriage to hear those without, but not those outside to eavesdrop on those inside), or both ways (preventing any sound from passing through the carriage’s walls in either direction).

            The carriage does not require horses, and, with a command word, can summon 4 fine horses already harnessed and ready to go. These horses are all identical, and are fine specimens of their kind, but fade into nothingness 1d4 rounds after being unharnessed from the carriage. If desired, the owner can harness more mundane horses to the carriage, instead.

            The carriage has a hardness of 15, and 100 hit points. It is magically buoyant, and cannot be made to sink. It has enough room to comfortably seat 4 Medium-sized creatures, as well as an additional 20 cubic feet of extradimensional storage space in the form of compartments that function identically to a bag of holding.


Cart of Endless Hay

Cart of Endless Hay

            This unassuming piece of transportation equipment appears to be a perfectly plain wooden cart. Once per day, with a command word, its owner can cause it to become instantly filled to the brim with hay. This produces enough hay to fill four 5-ft.-cubes. It can easily feed a dozen or more horses for a single day, and may be used to create crude barriers or other features. The entirety of the hay produced in a day can be sold for 5 sp. When it is not filled with hay, the cart can be used to carry other objects.


Flying Rowboat

Flying Rowboat

            These rowboats are always painted a dark grey color, though they are trimmed in silver, or, more rarely, gold. By speaking a command word, anyone in the boat can cause it to levitate about 3 feet off the ground. Further, by rowing the boat, passengers can cause it to not only move through the air as though it were on water, but can also cause it to move up or down in elevation, as well.

            A passenger in the flying rowboat can spend a full-round action to row the boat, propelling it up to 15 feet. No more than two such actions can be made each round, regardless of the number of passengers rowing. The maximum upward or downward angle of movement is 45 degrees, at half the rate listed above (15 feet per two rowing actions).

            Each flying rowboat can comfortably seat two Medium-sized creatures, and can carry up to 1,200 lbs.


War Wagon

War Wagon

            This sturdy wagon is made primarily of iron, and is covered in spikes and instruments of war. A metal shield extends over the area where beasts of burden would be harnessed to pull it, and when the viewing hatch is closed, only a few small slits allow vision in or out of the wagon.

            The wagon has two cannons attached to the outside, one or both of which can be loaded and fired as a single full-round action. The cannons have a range increment of 100 feet and deal 6d6 points of bludgeoning and piercing damage on a hit, with a x4 critical modifier. Each cannon’s magazine can hold up to 5 cannonballs at a time. Once these run out, the cannons must be manually reloaded: a standard action per cannonball, which must be performed from the outside of the wagon.

            Additionally, the front of the wagon features a device which, at the driver’s option (a standard action) can spew forth flames. This is a 15-ft. cone that deals 6d6 points of fire damage to each creature caught in the blast. A successful Reflex save (DC 18) halves this damage. The war wagon requires 1d4 rounds to cool down before it can fire this breath weapon again, and it only stores enough fuel for 3 such blasts. Adding more fuel requires two full-round actions, and each “dose” of fuel requires 250 pints of oil (250 lbs. and 25 gp).

            Finally, the wagon itself is spiked, and any creature attempting to board or otherwise climb upon the wagon takes 1d6 points of damage per turn as the spikes writhe and shift beneath their hands.

            The wagon has a hardness of 20 and 300 hit points, and has enough room to comfortably hold 4 people. It has murder holes allowing characters to fire out of the wagon without losing their cover or exiting the wagon. The wagon’s speed is determined by the creatures moving it, bearing in mind its exceptional weight.