Tools of the Diviner

April 25th, 2012

Joshua Zaback

Magic Market Archive

            Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of Magic Market, where we bring you new magical gear to stock your shelves with wonderment and fill your treasure hordes with a little something special.  It’s Divination Week here at Necromancers of the Northwest, and items of magical and mystical bent have long been associated with the noble art of divination.  Whether crystal balls or all-knowing mirrors, items which can divine the future show up in some of the most iconic and beloved fantasy scenes.  Throw in a few items which thematically follow in the footsteps of the broader applications of divination magic we’ve become accustomed to, and you end up with no shortage of magic items for you to pick through.  So why sit around talking about it? Let’s get started.


Crysal Ball of Foretelling

Crystal Ball of Foretelling

            Unlike its fellows, this crystal ball does not allow for remote viewing, but rather allows you to learn specific facts about a subject’s past, present, or future.  Appearing as an 8-inch diameter crystal sphere, the interior of this item is usually filled with a swirling violet mist until its magic is invoked.  In order to invoke the crystal ball’s magic, you and a single living creature, the target, must stare into the swirling mists for at least 1 minute. You may then posit 3 questions to the sphere.  The first question must relate to the target’s past, the second to the target’s present circumstances, and the third to the target’s future. Each question must be no more than 13 words and must relate directly to the subject; thus, a question such as, “Who was king when the target was born?” would be unacceptable, while a question like “Will I ever find a husband?” would be acceptable. 

            Once asked, the crystal ball clears the swirling mist and shows you three visions, first of the target’s past, then of the target’s present, and then of the target’s future.  After each vision, your question is answered telepathically.  These answers are always accurate, but are never more than 8 words long.  In the case of ambiguous questions relating to the future, the answer given is always the most likely outcome given the current circumstances, and comes accompanied by a feeling of the likelihood of that occurrence.  While sometimes these answers can be very explicit, they can also be vague if the question is particularly obscure, but in such cases the answer is always as accurate as circumstances dictate.  The crystal ball can be used once per day and all three questions must relate to the same subject.  A crystal ball cannot determine the fate of a creature who is immune to mind-affecting effects, or under the influence of a ring of mind shielding or similar effect.


Divining Board

Divining Board

            This polished wooden board is divided into two sections, one for heaven and one for the earth. Each of the two halves is divided into 32 sections marked with unusual symbols, representing animals and the phases of the moon.  The normal purposes of this board are varied and its use in the art of divination is extensive.  As a result, whenever you cast a spell of the divination school you may increase the casting time to twice its normal casting time and incorporate this divining board as a focus.  If you do, you increase the caster level and saving throw DC of that spell by 1.


Eye of Vision

Eye of Vision

            This pair of items resembles human eyes, one clear and pale blue and one dark and brown.  The eyes feel like glass and can meld into the existing eye of any living humanoid creature seamlessly.  The brown eye causes no discomfort, and indeed the wearer would notice no difference apart from the cosmetic change.  The blue eye, however, causes the wearer to see everything the brown eye sees exactly as though he were seeing it in person, regardless of whether the eye is worn by another humanoid or if it is left unattended.  A creature who is wearing either eye can remove it as a move action. 


Mirror of Knowledge

Mirror of Knowledge

            This shining and ornate full-length mirror does not show the reflection of those who look upon it, but rather a demon can be seen in the mirror.  While the demon’s form is unlike that of any known type of demon, at least 4 of these mirrors are known to have existed at one time, leading to the belief that the demons trapped inside the mirrors are of an unknown species of demon, rather than a unique entity.  In either case, the demon categorically refuses to give the name of his race or his person, though he will provide the caster with any other information he asks him.  The demon effectively has a +20 bonus to all Knowledge skills.  Additionally, he may visit other mirrors, where he is able to see out of them, and return to report his findings.  The demon seems to be able to travel any distance instantly in this fashion and can hear those looking into his mirror perfectly, regardless of his actual location.  Finally, once per day the demon may cast legend lore with a caster level of 20 at the caster’s request.


Prophetic Cards

Prophetic Cards

            These beautifully detailed and intricately styled tarot cards come in an oak box hand-painted with roses and birds.  While these cards can be used to conduct ordinary tarot readings and can be used as a focus for the augury spell, they have a special magic all their own.  Once per day as a move action, you can shuffle the deck and draw single card from the top of the deck.  No matter how you shuffle or arrange the cards,  the card drawn is always one of the three following cards not included in an ordinary deck.  Each card has a special effect and the card drawn is determined randomly on a roll of 1d6.

Table: Card Result

            Rose: When this card is drawn you experience a vivid and beautiful vision of a future full of romance and elegance.  For the next 24 hours you gain a +3 competence bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks.

            Dove: When this card is drawn you experience a dreamy vision of a peaceful and comfortable future.  For the next 24 hours you gain a +1 luck bonus to your AC and to each of your saving throws.

            Raven: When this card is drawn you experience a violent and brutal vision of death and carnage. For the next 24 hours you gain a +2 morale bonus to attack and weapon damage rolls.

            No matter how many times you search the deck, these cards will only appear once per day when the deck’s magic is invoked.