with Excitment

October 17th, 2012

Joshua Zaback

Magic Market Archive

            Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of Magic Market, where we bring you the best in brand new magic items each and every week.  As by now you should be well aware, it is Bow Week here at Necromancers of the Northwest, and that should make it fairly clear that we’re talking about bows—long, short, and cross—all this week.  As today is Market day, I’m sure you can figure out what we’re going to be talking about today; that’s right, magic quivers!

            Oh, you were expecting a slew of great new bows? Well, I have some good news for you: The Ebon Vault: Bows of War has all the magical bows you could ever want, and for much less money than the leading brand name.  At any rate, with all the goodies you get in The Ebon Vault: Bows of War, I figured you could do with some killer accessories, so here you go!


Quiver of Endless Ammunition

Quiver of Endless Ammunition

            This handy magical quiver is constructed from simple brown leather, emblazoned with a single piece of silver worked into the shape of an arrow with a heart-shaped head.  Though the quiver could easily hold 20 or even 25 arrows or bolts, the quiver’s magic only functions when exactly one arrow or bolt is placed inside the quiver, and any attempt to activate the item while more than one arrow or bolt is placed inside the quiver causes all ammunition within the quiver to be utterly destroyed, as though by the disintegrate spell.  Once per day, by speaking the command word associated with the quiver (which can typically be found engraved around the heart-shaped head), the wearer of the quiver can magically produce 5 perfect duplicates of the ammunition placed inside the quiver.

            The newly created ammunition is perfectly identical to the arrow or bolt placed within the quiver, except that if the duplicate ammunition is removed from the quiver for more than 2 rounds, the duplicates crumble to dust.  This effect has no impact on the damage dealt by the duplicates, but may limit certain other effects that require the ammunition to be intact, at GM’s discretion.  A basic quiver of endless ammunition is only capable of duplicating non-magical ammunition, though it is capable of duplicating ammunition composed of special or unusual materials, as well as quasi-magical and alchemical items.

            More powerful quivers of endless ammunition exist which have the power to replicate even magical ammunition.  These quivers have an additional cost equal to the gp value of the most powerful equivalent enhancement bonus that could be replicated.  (For example, a quiver of endless ammunition that could replicate magical ammunition that had up to a +3 equivalent enhancement bonus would cost an additional 18,000 gp.)  Because this adjustment affects the cost to construct the item, the price of the item is often increased by twice the additional cost.

            Quivers of endless ammunition can only replicate arrows and bolts placed within them, though similar items exist for other kinds of ammunition, such as a pouch of endless ammunition, dart case of endless ammunition, or even an ammo cart of endless ammunition.


Spell Quiver

Spell Quiver

            Made from blue dyed leather and with white gold embellishments, this exquisite quiver is covered in runes and arcane sigils which do little to hide its magical nature.  While the large quiver features a padded lining which keeps any arrows placed inside cushioned from harm, the quiver’s magic has no effect on the items placed inside, and filling the quiver to excess often makes activating the item’s magic tricky.  Individual spell quivers are often decorated or customized by their creators to provide some indication of which spell is tied to the quiver, and as a result, the percent chance that a randomly generated spell quiver would offer a clue as to its function is increased to 50%.

            While spell quivers offer archers looking to enhance or protect their arrows little in the way of comfort, the spell quiver offers bow wielders a potent boost of magical offence.  Each spell quiver is tied to single spell, which must have no more than a single target and either have a range of touch or require a ranged touch attack.  Up to 5 times per day, the wearer of a spell quiver can reach into the spell quiver and speak the name of the spell the quiver is associated with in the Elven tongue.  If he does, the arrow he draws is made from pure spell energy.  Any creature hit with this special arrow is affected as though by the spell the quiver is associated with, in addition to taking damage from the arrow, as normal.  The arrow otherwise functions as a normal arrow.  If this special arrow misses the target it is automatically destroyed even if it would not normally be.

            In addition to the other costs of creating a spell quiver,the item’s cost is increased by 1000 gp x the level of the associated spell x the spell’s caster level; this typically increases the price by twice this additional amount.  Spells with costly material components (any material component in excess of 1 gp) increase the cost of the item by the value of the costly material component x 25 gp; this typically increases the price by twice this additional amount. Finally, the associated spell is always considered a required spell for constructing a spell quiver.