Desirable Daggers

November 28th, 2012

Joshua Zaback

Magic Market Archive

            Hello everyone, and welcome to Magic Market, where week after week we bring you new and ever more interesting magic items of various sorts and kinds.  As by now you are no doubt aware, it is Dagger Week here at Necromancers of the Northwest, which should make the topic of today’s article rather apparent to each of you.  So without wasting any more time, I have a handful of new daggers for you all to enjoy—check them out!


Blade of Grass

Blade of Grass

            The blade of this dagger appears to be a simple blade of bright green grass approximately 7 inches in length, which waves about in the breeze.  Despite its flimsy appearance, the blade on a blade of grass is exactly as sharp and as strong as though it were made of good quality steel.

            This +2 plant bane dagger is prized by men of the wilderness for its unique magical properties.  When in a plains or hills environment, the blade of grass is considered to be a +3 weapon.  In forested terrain, the blade of grass functions as a +4 weapon.  Additionally, once per day the wielder of a blade of grass can speak a command word in order to cause the blade to grow to prodigious size and wrap about a creature within 30 feet.  In order to successfully encompass a creature in this fashion, the wielder of a blade of grass must make a combat maneuver check against that creature.  If the attempt is successful, the creature takes damage equal to 1d4 + the blade of grass’s enhancement bonus and is entangled for 1d4 rounds, at which point the blade of grass returns to its ordinary size.




            The handle of this foul and wicked blade resembles a human heart and pulsates slightly in the wielder’s hand.  From the bloated, organ-like handle extends a wicked 13-inch curved crimson blade that shines as though slick with blood.

            This +4 dagger does not deal regular weapon damage on a successful hit, but rather opens wounds which bleed terribly.  All damage dealt by a bloodletter is bleed damage.  Damage dealt by a blood letter does not stack, but higher bleed damage replaces lower bleed damage amounts.  Additionally, as a standard action any creature who has taken bleed damage from a bloodletter may touch the handle of that blade in order to staunch his own bleeding wounds, effectively curing himself of bleed damge (though this ability cannot cure bleed damage incurred from other sources).


Ice Shard

Ice Shard

            This long dagger is obviously enchanted and sports a diamond-shaped blade made from enchanted ice which never melts, and constantly gives off streams of frozen vapor.  The handle is cool to the touch and can cause minor damage to the wielder’s hands if not handled with gloves.

            The ice shard is a +1 frost dagger with additional enchantments that make it a deadly weapon capable of great devastation.  The wielder of an ice shard can point the blade of the weapon at a target and fire off a blast of cold energy that functions identically to the spell ray of frost.  Additionally, the ice shard is capable of freezing a creature solid: whenever the wielder of an ice shard confirms a critical hit with it, the victim must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 19) or be completely frozen.  A character frozen in this fashion is petrified for 1 hour, at which time the magical ice melts.  Since the ice is magical, its hardness is equal to that of to stone, and destroying a frozen creature is exactly as difficult as destroying one made of stone.


Stilleto of Debilitation

Stiletto of Debilitation

            The thin blade of this wicked enchanted dagger is pure black and just over two inches long.  The handle is actually the finger bone of an adult elf, and is carved with script that reads, “Pain to punish—death is too sweet—suffering endless.”

            In addition to functioning as a +2 wounding dagger, a stiletto of debilitation bears two enchantments.  Firstly, the wielder of the stiletto of debilitation can speak a command word to make the weapon invisible, effectively making it impossible to detect while concealed (and granting a +20 bonus to the Sleight of Hand check made to conceal the weapon). Secondly, whenever a character scores a critical hit with the stiletto of debilitation, the targetis affected as by the spell eyebite (Fortitude save DC 19 negates).