Peace by the Piece

January 22nd, 2015

Alex Riggs

Magic Market Archive

                Who says that peace doesn’t come cheap? Today marks the end of Peace Week here at Necromancers of the Northwest, and naturally that means we have some great magic items of the calm and quiet variety. Most people who think of peace think of “not fighting,” but there’s a lot more to peace than that, as these items will hopefully show.


PILLOW OF PEACEFUL SLUMBER                          PRICE 2,500 gp

Slot —; CL 1st; Weight 1 lb.
Aura faint abjuration

                Delicately embroidered, these pillows are always refreshingly cool to the touch, and are incredibly soft. Anyone who sleeps while resting their head on a pillow of peaceful slumber regains twice as many hit points from resting as he normally would. Additionally, he gains a +4 bonus on saving throws made to resist effects that specifically target sleeping characters (such as a nightmare spell), and any ability damage or drain that he would suffer from effects that specifically target sleeping characters (such as a night hag’s dream haunting ability) is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0). The pillow does have the side effect of making it somewhat more difficult to awaken, however, and the user suffers a -5 penalty on Perception checks made while sleeping. Further, unless the user is forcibly awakened by an external source (such as hearing a loud noise with a successful Perception check, or having an ally using the aid another action to awaken him), he must succeed on a Will save (DC 13) in order to awaken less than 10 hours after going to sleep.

Construction Requirements       Cost 1,250 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, cure light wounds, protection from evil, sleep


PIPE OF PEACE                                PRICE 1,500 gp

Slot —; CL 1st; Weight 3 lbs.
Aura faint enchantment

                These decorative hookah pipes are used for the ritual consumption of tobacco and similar herbs in social gatherings. The quality of any tobacco smoked from the pipe is improved, and it provides a smooth finish that makes even those unaccustomed to smoking able to enjoy the process, without any risk of coughing fits or similar annoyances. Of far more importance to most users of a pipe of peace, however, is the subtle magic that brings those who smoke from it as a group together, promoting peace and harmony.

                If the pipe of peace is passed about between a group of at least 3 people, each of whom smokes from it at least once, for a period of at least 10 minutes, its true powers become clearer. Each creature that smokes from the pipe is unable to take any hostile action against any of the others who used the pipe. Additionally, it becomes more difficult for affected creatures to deliberately deceive or threaten one another, and each creature that smokes from the pipe suffers a -5 penalty on Bluff and Intimidate checks made against other creatures that smoked from the pipe. These effects last for as long as the smoking continues, and for 1 hour thereafter. A successful Will save (DC 15) negates these effects.

Construction Requirements       Cost 750 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, charm person, sanctuary


SCABBARD OF PEACE                  PRICE 500 gp

Slot —; CL 1st; Weight 2 lbs.
Aura faint transmutation

                These scabbards are usually garishly colored, to make them easily recognizable at a glance. They are used in many cities—and sometimes in upscale inns, taverns, and other establishments—in order to ensure that certain individuals will refrain from violence, or at least, that they won’t be able to kill anyone with their weapons.

                Though they are usually shaped like a standard sword scabbard when not in use, a scabbard of peace can adjust itself to fit any weapon that it is placed upon, even weapons for which that would normally be impractical, such as a crossbow or a spiked chain. The scabbard does not prevent the weapon from being used, but it does soften any blows the weapon deals, causing all damage inflicted by the weapon to be dealt as nonlethal damage, and preventing the wielder from confirming critical threats. Applying or removing a scabbard of peace takes one minute. Further, they are difficult to remove: while the individual who placed the scabbard of peace on the weapon can remove it without difficulty, anyone else must succeed on a Strength check (DC 22) in order to successfully remove it.

Construction Requirements       Cost 250 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, sanctuary