Febrewary Festivities

February 19th, 2015

Alex Riggs

Magic Market Archive

                Magic alcohol has been a hallmark of Magic Market for a long time now, and so it stands to reason that, this week being Alcohol Week, we would see a return of this tried and true tradition. For those who may not remember, the rules for these unusual magic items are included below, along with four exciting new types of magical booze. Cheers!



                While magic beer, cider, wine, and other spirits are sold in glasses or tankards (the minimum amount required to have their effect), they are typically created in barrels. A barrel contains 100 doses of the beverage, and requires a number of hours of preparation equal to the beverage’s effective caster level. After this period, the beverage must be allowed to ferment for one day per 1,000 gp of the cost to create the barrel. The cost to create a barrel of a magical alcoholic beverage is equal to 75 times the cost to create a single glass or tankard (that is, 1/2 the market price of the item times 75), the substantial discount being the reason why such substances are so often brewed by the barrel. Even if smaller amounts are brewed at a time, it takes the same amount of time for the drink to ferment.

                If you don’t care about ruining the flavor and drinkability of the beverage, you can just infuse an existing beer, cider, or wine with the distilled magic and exotic ingredients. This only requires one hour per 1,000 gp in the market price of a glass or tankard of the beverage (minimum 1 hour). Those who drink a magical beverage created in this fashion must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 12 + 1/2 the beverage’s effective caster level, rounded down) or be sickened for 1d4+1 rounds.

                Even though magical beverages have an effective caster level, no spells are required to cast them. Instead, special exotic ingredients must be acquired. If these ingredients are readily available for purchase, they can be used without increasing the cost required to brew the beverage. Otherwise, they must be obtained through adventure.

                A bottle of magical beverage can be purchased (market price) for 5 times the market price of a glass or tankard. It contains 6 doses of the beverage. A barrel can be purchased for 75 times the market price of a glass or tankard, and contains 100 doses of the beverage.

                Some magical beverages have negative effects, and require a Fortitude save from the imbiber. If a character drinks more than one such drink, he must make a separate saving throw for each drink, and the DC increases by +2 for each such drink the character has already imbibed in the last four hours. The effects of magical beverages do not stack, however, so once the imbiber fails the saving throw, this rarely continues to be an issue.


ALE OF ILL-ADVISED ASSAULT                               PRICE 150 gp per flagon, 750 gp per bottle

Slot —; CL 5th; Weight
Aura faint enchantment

                This sweet red ale has a somewhat spicy aftertaste. It was invented by a hedge-wizard brewer who had an unfortunate habit of getting drunk and picking fights he couldn’t hope to win. The magic of the drink increases the imbiber’s combat abilities, bringing them almost in line with how much it increases his confidence. For 1 minute after drinking an ale of ill-advised assault, the imbiber gains a bonus on all attack rolls made against creatures more capable than himself. This bonus is equal to 1/2 the amount by which the target’s Hit Dice exceed the wielder’s own.

Construction Requirements       Cost 5,625 gp per barrel

Exotic Ingredients giant’s tears, minotaur blood; Skill Ranks Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks or Profession (brewer) 10 ranks; Craft DC 20


BETTER BRAGGART’S BEER                      PRICE 30 gp per flagon, 150 gp per bottle

Slot —; CL 1st; Weight
Aura faint illusion

                This  pale blonde ale was first created by a brewmaster with a penchant for telling tall tales whenever he was drinking, but found that his storytelling skills suffered after a few drinks. For 10 minutes after the drink is consumed, it functions as a silent image spell, creating an illusion depicting whatever the drinker describes during this time. The drinker must speak verbally in order for the magic to work, and if he falls silent, the silent image effect becomes dormant until he resumes speaking.

Construction Requirements       Cost 1,125 gp per barrel

Exotic Ingredients a scale from a fish that successfully eluded capture at least once, a gray hair from a beard; Skill Ranks Craft (alchemy) 1 rank or Profession (brewer) 2 ranks; Craft DC 16


BLINDING BEER                             PRICE 20 gp per flagon, 100 gp per bottle

Slot —; CL 3rd; Weight
Aura faint abjuration

                This dark, bitter beer is known for its ability to make it difficult to make out the faces of others, apparently blurring them out, without otherwise affecting the imbiber’s vision. While this has its own uses when socializing in taverns, it has also become very popular with adventurers. For 1 minute after drinking this beverage, the imbiber suffers a -10 penalty on Perception checks made to identify an individual’s face, but it also grants a +5 bonus on saving throws made to resist gaze attacks, or any other effect that requires eye contact.

Construction Requirements       Cost 750 gp per barrel

Exotic Ingredients a shard of glacial ice, hops grown by blind monks; Skill Ranks Craft (alchemy) 3 ranks or Profession (brewer) 5 ranks; Craft DC 18


PACHYDERM PORTER                 PRICE 200 gp per flagon, 1,000 gp per bottle

Slot —; CL 9th; Weight
Aura moderate illusion

                The brewing, sale, and consumption of this unusual beverage is banned in many cities. Created by a mad wizard who was prone to hallucinating when drunk, and who was determined to prove these hallucinations real, anyone who consumes a dose of pachyderm porter invariably hallucinates a pink elephant, which, through the magic of the drink, becomes quasi-real. The result is an elephant, with normal elephant statistics, that is treated as though summoned by a shadow conjuration spell replicating a summon monster I spell. The elephant lasts only as long as the imbiber continues to concentrate on it, to a maximum of 1 minute. Because the nature of the brew interferes with concentration, this requires a successful Wisdom check (DC 10 + 1 per previous round) each round, or the imbiber loses concentration and the elephant vanishes.

Construction Requirements       Cost 7,500 gp per barrel

Exotic Ingredients residue from a potion of an illusion spell, a pinch of ectoplasm; Skill Ranks Craft (alchemy) 9 ranks or Profession (brewer) 18 ranks; Craft DC 24