Gallery Galore

October 1st, 2015

Alex Riggs

Magic Market Archive

                We’ve been scattering some flavorful treasure troves throughout the year in Magic Market, first with a collection of art objects one might expect to find in a dragon’s hoard, and then a collection you might find in a strange occult shop or laboratory. Today, we’ve got another collection of unusual objects for you, this time themed around what you might expect to find in a gallery, whether at a museum of art, or in a noble’s private collection.


    • Statue of a wolf and a raven. This stone sculpture is roughly two feet tall, and three and a half feet long. It is made of a glossy black stone, and depicts a wolf and a raven. When placed one way, it appears that the wolf has caught the raven, and is about to clamp its jaws shut over the bird’s head, but when placed with the opposite end facing up, it instead appears as though the wolf is dead, and the raven is plucking out its tongue. The wolf’s fangs are made of silver, while the raven’s beak is made of gold, and both have agates for eyes.


    • Enchanted painting of a ship in a storm. This canvas oil painting has been set in a gilded frame, and depicts a large galleon at full mast, struggling against powerful waves and torrential downpours, with stormy black clouds above, and lightning striking in the distance. The painting is enchanted so that, with a command word, the painting appears to come alive, with the waves, ship, rain, and lightning all moving in a realistic fashion. The illusion is complete with sounds and smells, as well, down to the roar of thunder and wave, and the smell of salt water.


    • Painting of sad woman at masquerade. This canvas oil painting has been set in a delicately-carved wrought-iron frame, which curls and twists like a metal vine around the edges of the canvas. It depicts a woman in a black dress, wearing a black masquerade mask and seated on a baroque stone bench on a balcony, with a garden or forest behind her. Her posture, the haunted look in her eyes, and the expression on her face make it clear that she is despondent. Just visible in the foreground, somewhat beneath the woman, are the upper halves of numerous masked dancers, clearly enjoying themselves immensely. Some viewers have reported seeing the unmistakable faces of fey creatures in the foliage of the forest, but most do not see them.


    • Statue of justice. This marble statue stands eight feet tall, and depicts a beautiful robed woman, with a sword in one hand and a pair of golden scales in the other. She wears a blindfold, which is made of ebony, and must have been applied via magic. The scales that she holds are fully functional, and it is rumored that they have another, magical use, as well. Rumor has it that if one writes two different courses of action down on separate pieces of paper, and then sets each one on the scales, the statue will read your heart’s desires and tip the scales to show which one you most want, deep in your heart of hearts. These claims are difficult to verify, but it is true that when two pieces of paper with writing are placed on the scales, they move dramatically, even though there is no weight difference.


    • Painting of a town from above. This canvas watercolor masterfully depicts a small, country hamlet from an unusual viewpoint: one of about 15 feet in the air, in the middle of the town square. This view, combined with the painting’s unusually large size (15 feet wide by 20 feet tall) reveal it to be the work of a giant. The exact painter is unknown, but sages believe she was a cloud giant.


    • Magic painting of a village through the lenses of the planes. This canvas oil painting is framed in solid, sturdy oak, and the frame has been carefully engraved with images representing each of the known outer planes. The painting depicts a small village at the foot of a towering mountain. Every 18 minutes, however, the scene in the painting changes, depicting the same mountain and village as though it appeared on a different outer plane. As such, sometimes it is a tranquil, heavenly picture, and other times it is a disturbing vision of hell.


    • Statue of battling kraken and dragon. This crystal statue is 15 feet tall, and 20 feet across at its widest point. It depicts a kraken, half-emerged from beneath rolling waves, engaged in battle against a flying dragon. The kraken has an arm wrapped around one of the dragon’s legs, and the dragon is clawing and biting at the kraken, roaring or—as some have suggested—possibly preparing to use its breath weapon. The crystal that comprises the kraken has a green hue, the dragon red, and the base blue.


    • Magic painting of a mage’s duel. This canvas watercolor is framed with an iridescent crystal, with different colors forming rings around the frame, making it appear to be a shimmering rainbow. The picture itself shows two aged spellcasters in an arena, engaging in a magical duel. One of the combatants, who wears a blue robe with golden stars and moons, is in the foreground, facing away from the viewer, while the other, wearing a black and purple robe, with black hair and a goatee, faces towards the viewer. The painting is magical, and anyone capable of casting spells can concentrate on the painting and expend a spell in order to alter the painting’s imagery, making it appear as though the nearer figure had just cast that spell against the further figure.


    • Portrait of a lich on her throne. This canvas oil painting has been set in a whalebone frame. It depicts a skeletal lich in fine-lo0king regalia, wearing a golden, gem-studded crown and holding a ruby-tipped scepter. She is seated upon a golden throne, with a pile of treasure at her feet. When viewed in a mirror, the portrait shows her as she was in life, with healthy, human features.


    • Magic statue of a werewolf. This statue is made of pure silver, and is life-sized. It depicts a man of noble bearing, wearing fine clothes, with a sword at his hip and a faint sneer. When touched by moonlight, however, the statue ripples and transforms, changing to resemble an oversized wolf, with gleaming emeralds for eyes and golden teeth. If the light is that of a full moon, it instead changes to resemble the hybrid form of a werewolf.