Lordly Items

November 9th, 2016

Alex Riggs

Magic Market Archive

Today’s Magic Market aims to serve the elite and the wealthy, with a trio of magic items with lordly and noble themes. Whether you need a little something special to help cement your new position as a baron, duke, or other minor lordling, or you’re simply looking to get a little use out of your vast national treasury, these three items will have your subjects eating out of your hands.


PARADE PLATE                                PRICE 24,300 gp
Slot armor; CL 7th; Weight 15 lbs.
Aura moderate enchantment

These suits of +2 mirrored mithral breastplate are always impeccably clean, and gleam brilliantly in any light source. Always ostentatious, with intricate designs and engravings designed to enhance the viewer’s sense of the wearer’s importance, they are often decorated with gold, platinum, or other precious metals, and may even bear a number of jewels embedded in the chest piece. As long as a suit of parade plate is worn for at least 4 days per week, its wearer adds its enhancement bonus to her Leadership score. If the wearer does not have the Leadership feat, she can instead attract a number of 1st-level followers equal to her Charisma modifier + the parade plate’s enhancement bonus.
                Once per day, as a move action, the wearer can cause each of her allies within 60 feet that can see her to gain a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, ability checks, saving throws, and skill checks. If any of the affected creatures are her followers, the bonus is doubled for those creatures (her cohort, if she has one, still receives only a +2 bonus). This bonus lasts for one minute.
                None of a parade plate’sunique abilities count as an enhancement bonus equivalent, and it is treated as a +3-equivalent suit of armor for the purposes of the cost of further improving its magical abilities.

Construction Requirements       Cost 14,300 gp

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, good hope, creator must have the Leadership feat


ROD OF LORDLY COMMAND                   PRICE 75,000 gp
Slot none; CL 11th; Weight 5 lbs.
Aura moderate enchantment

These rods are capped in gold, with a beautiful stained-oak handle, and bear a dazzling assortment of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds in its cap. As long as the rod is held in hand, the wielder can activate it to cause any spoken command he issues to carry the weight of magical enforcement, as the spell suggestion (DC 15). If the target of the effect has sworn an oath of fealty to the wielder, or is otherwise the wielder’s subject, vassal, or ward, they suffer a −4 penalty on saving throws made to resist this effect, even if the oath was coerced from the target (such as if they were made to give the oath by a suggestion issued by the rod).
                Three times per week, the rod’s wielder can touch it to a creature as a standard action (requiring a melee touch attack), and demand that the target perform a task, which must be able to be summarized in 25 words or less. The creature is not compelled to perform the task, but if she fails to actively work towards completing it for 24 hours, she suffers a −2 penalty to each of her ability scores. Each day, another −2 penalty accumulates, up to a total of −10. No ability score can be reduced to less than 1 by this effect. The ability score penalties are removed 24 hours after the target resumes attempting to fulfill the command. This effect lasts 14 days, or until the command is fulfilled.

Construction Requirements       Cost 37,500 gp

Craft Rod, geas/quest, suggestion


SWORD OF THE REALM                              PRICE 35,315 gp
Slot none; CL 9th; Weight 4 lbs.
Aura moderate evocation

These +2 longswords are always ornately engraved and decorated with gold filigree and fanciful designs, and are almost exclusively found in the hands of knights, lords, and other nobility. Their designs often bear crowns or other symbols of rulership, or display gallant knights astride armored steeds. Each sword of the realm is magically linked to a single domain. The exact size of the domain varies from weapon to weapon, but they tend to adhere to political boundaries, and most commonly match the borders of a particular barony or county, although in some cases it might instead be a large city and its immediate environs, or possibly even an entire country, if that country was fairly small.
                Within the sword of the realm’s domain, it is treated as though its enhancement bonus were two higher than it actually is, and it deals an additional 1d6 points of damage with each successful hit. Additionally, as long as the blade is held or visibly worn, its wielder gains a +4 bonus on all Charisma-based ability checks and skill checks made within the sword of the realm’s domain.
                By performing a special ritual that requires one week and 5,000 gp in special incense and oils, the wielder of a sword of the realm can attune it to a new domain. This ritual must be performed in the new domain, and the wielder must be empowered as a ruler or protector of the entirety of that domain, or the ritual fails.
                Some of a sword of the realm’sunique abilities count as an enhancement bonus equivalent, and it is treated as a +4-equivalent weapon for the purposes of the cost of further improving its magical abilities.

Construction Requirements       Cost 17,815 gp

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, charm person, hallow