Items With Extras

January 18th, 2016

Josh Zaback

Magic Market Archive

We all love buying magic gear, but we run into problems when looking for something fun to fill that cloak slot, but end up deciding we can’t afford not to buy a cloak of resistance. Or maybe you’re looking for a kooky belt, but also need a little extra physical power. When there is so clearly a best item for a slot, it can make the process of equipping your hero with fun and fascinating items a difficult chore. To that end, I created a few items that carry on the tradition of heaping on interesting stuff to the things you really need to be successful.

CLOAK OF THE DRAGON           PRICE 85,000 gp
Slot shoulders; CL 13th; Weight 10 lbs.
Aura strong transmutation

These exquisite cloaks are made from dragon hide and set with a dozen multicolored gems, which form the approximate outline of a dragon in flight. Though often marketed on the merits of the type of dragon scales used in the construction, the actual species of dragon used has no bearing on the cloak’s magical powers.
These cloaks provide the wearer with a +3 resistance bonus on all saving throws. Additionally, the wearer of the cloak can wrap it about himself to assume the shape of a dragon, as though with form of the dragon II. While so transformed, the cloak’s resistance bonus to saving throws increases to +6. Additionally, while transformed, the wearer can speak and read Draconic, and gains a +6 competence bonus on Diplomacy checks with dragons. The wearer can so transform himself for up to 10 minutes each day, which need not be consecutive, but which must be spent in 1-minute increments. Transforming or returning to his normal shape is a standard action. Finally, if the wearer of the cloak has the draconic bloodline, he is treated as 4 levels higher than he is for the purposes of determining the power of the abilities granted by his bloodline.

Construction Requirements       Cost 42,500 gp
Craft Wondrous Item, form of the dragon II


Slot belt; CL 3rd; Weight 1 lb.
Aura faint transmutation

 This lovely girdle is made from fine mithral chains, which can be worn unnoticed under clothing and fit extremely comfortably to the wearer. The magic of these girdles makes the wearer faster and more resilient.
The wearer of one of these belts gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity and Constitution and can invoke the belt’s magic to dodge out of harm’s way or deliver deadly counterattacks. Once per minute, whenever the wearer of a girdle of the master duelist is attacked, she can either attempt a masterful dodge or a counterstroke. If she chooses the masterful dodge, she gains a +4 dodge bonus to AC for 1 round. Whenever an attack misses her during this time, she may take a 5-foot step as an immediate action. If she chooses the counterstroke, the attack resolves as normal, but for the next round, the wearer may make an attack of opportunity against any target that misses her with a melee attack.

Construction Requirements       Cost 25,000 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, bear’s endurance, cat’s grace


Slot neck; CL 5th; Weight 1 lb.
Aura faint transmutation

 This ornate necklace is made from highly polished green turtle shells, from animals small enough to fit in the palm of a halfling’s hand. It smells faintly of seawater and salt air.
The land speed of the wearer of one of these necklaces is reduced by 5 feet. Additionally, he gains a +1 natural armor bonus to AC and can breathe water as easily as air. Further, while underwater, his natural armor bonus to AC is increased by an additional +1, and he gains a swim speed equal to his modified land speed.

Construction Requirements       Cost 3,500 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, barkskin, water breathing