Eye Wares

March 8th, 2017

Josh Zaback

Magic Market Archive

I’m sometimes amazed by just how many magic items you can wear on your head. After all, you get 10 fingers but only 2 rings, while you (most likely) have only one head but get a head slot, a headband slot, and an eye slot. Even so, we all too often forget to take advantage of all of this great utility. Sure, most of us have a pretty good idea what to do with the headband slot, boosting our mental attributes of choice, and usually a magic helm or 2 finds its way onto the heads of our adventurers, but how often do we actually use the eye slot? In my experience, not too often. The possible reasons for this are manifold: we might not find a lot of interesting or useful eye slot items (particularly if you already have darkvision), we might forget that the eye slot even exists, or, what I think is most likely the case, we simply cannot bring ourselves to outfit our mighty heroes with goggles. For many of us, goggles and lenses just seem out of place with medieval-inspired fantasy setting, or else would look silly on an armored knight or wise old wizard. Well this week’s new items provide some relief for those of us who want to use our eye slot, but wish to avoid wearing those hideous goggles.


BLINDFOLD OF VISIONS            PRICE 32,000 gp
Slot eyes; CL 13th; Weight
Aura strong divination

These fanciful blindfolds are always some shade of red, from light pink to deep maroon, and are exceedingly translucent, almost supernaturally so, not impeding the wearer’s vision in any way. These blindfolds are sometimes incorporated into veils or head wraps, though in such cases only the blindfold remains magical.

The wearer of one of these blindfolds can activate the item’s magic as a free action whenever he casts a divination spell that is not of the scrying subschool. If he does, he is stricken blind for a number of minutes equal to 10 times the level of spell being cast. He treats his caster level as though it were 5 higher for the purposes of the spell he casts in this way. Additionally, if the spell cast in this fashion would normally have a percent chance of receiving a true answer to the caster’s inquiries, the answers received by the spell are always true, instead (unless the information is unknown to the entity). Finally, if the wearer would suffer a negative condition (such as being fatigued) as a result of the effects of the spell, or would suffer ability damage, ability drain, or a penalty to an ability score as a result of casting the spell, the wearer may choose to negate these negative effects by extending the duration of the blindness inflicted by the blindfold of visions by an amount equal to 10 minutes per level of the spell for every condition negated in this way, or by 10 minutes for every point of ability damage, ability drain, or ability score penalty ignored in this way.

Construction Requirements       Cost 16,000 gp

Create Wondrous Item, vision


EYE SPIKES OF SECOND SIGHT               PRICE 15,000 gp
Slot eyes; CL 11th; Weight
Aura moderate divination

These thin needle-like objects are designed to be inserted directly into the eyes of the wearer, an unsavory prospect that is nonetheless a painless process. The spikes remain comfortably within the wearer’s eyes until such a time as he chooses to activate their magic by blinking 3 times in rapid succession, causing them to flood the wearer with intense pain.

Activating these eye spikes is a standard action and inflicts a terrible pain on the wearer, as his eyes are flooded with an emerald ichor that provides him with additional clarity. When he activates the eye spikes, the wearer must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 20) or be nauseated for 1 round, and sickened for so long as he continues to use the eye spikes of second sight. Whether or not he is sickened, for as long as he continues to use the eye spikes of second sight, the wearer gains a +5 competence bonus on Perception checks and makes all Perception checks twice and takes the higher result. Additionally, while the spikes are active, the wearer makes saving throws against illusions with visual components and gaze attacks twice and takes the more favorable result. The eye spikes can be deactivated with a second standard action. The eye spikes can be used for 20 rounds each day, which need not be consecutive.

Construction Requirements       Cost 7,500 gp

Create Wondrous Item, true seeing


Slot eyes; CL 5th; Weight
Aura faint conjuration

These enchanted glass marbles are crafted in a great variety of shapes and forms to match the tastes of virtually any individual, but typically resemble the eyes of humans, and most often come in shades of brown. Originally created by a mighty mystic theurge for dear friend after an unfortunate encounter with a nymph, these glass eyes are treasured both by those stricken blind and by those who want to be certain of what they are seeing.

This glass eye must be placed in an empty eye socket in order to function, requiring that the user remove his eye. This process normally inflicts 1d4 points of damage, but a successful DC 20 Heal check negates this damage. Once lost, a regenerate spell or similar magic is required to reattach or regrow the missing eye. A creature with one of these eyes receives perfect vision with exceptional clarity within a 60-foot radius. Because the eye is artificial, this vision is extended to even blind characters, and a character that is blinded while wearing the eye can still see within that distance. Additionally, the eye allows the character to observe his surroundings with supernatural clarity. The user can see perfectly and in full color detail in areas of non-magical darkness, and can see fog, rain, sleet, or similar vision-obscuring phenomena within this radius. The eyes cannot see invisible creatures, though they do allow the wearer to ignore miss chance from concealment (though not from total concealment).

Construction Requirements       Cost 20,000 gp

Create Wondrous Item, remove blindness/deafness