Gothic Market

April 12th, 2017

Josh Zaback

Magic Market Archive

We continue Gothic Week with a trip to the market stalls of the dreary and nightmarish, to purchase dread items of occult influence. We’ve got something for everyone: mad scientists, vampires, and even the plucky adventurer unlucky enough to find herself facing such foes. Without further ado, let’s look at what we’ve got.


COFFIN OF SANCTUARY             PRICE 9,800 gp
Slot CL 7th; Weight 150 lbs.
Aura faint abjuration

Originally invented by a paranoid vampire terrified of undead hunters, these magical coffins are highly sought after by anyone fearing danger while they recuperate. The coffins themselves are made from cherry wood and lined with crimson velvet pillows, making them extremely comfortable.

These coffins are magically operated, opening with a command word specific to each coffin. They cannot be opened by any other means short of destroying the coffin, a tough task as the coffins are magically strengthened to have hardness 15 and 300 hit points. Additionally, any character within the coffin is immune to any spell, supernatural ability or spell-like ability that would target him. Finally, any character resting within the coffin is alerted to the presence of any creature within 100 feet of the coffin.

Construction Requirements       Cost 4,900 gp

Create Wondrous Item, alarm, sanctuary


REANIMATOR                                 PRICE 180,000 gp
Slot —; CL 15th; Weight 300lbs.
Aura strong necromancy

This odd item appears as a massive metal cage, shaped like a human’s rib cage and laid flat on the ground. Dark violet electricity constantly flickers across the cage, which has no locks, keys, hinges, or other means of opening, though the bars are split far enough apart for a man to comfortably fit through.

These magical devices are used to create undead creatures from component pieces, and have every magical contrivance necessary to reanimate dead bodies as terrible undead monsters. The reanimator is operated by a simple lever on the side of the device, requiring a standard action to activate. Unless dead flesh is placed within the reanimator, it does nothing when activated. Pieces of up to 5 dead humanoids can be placed within the cage (2 arms, 2 legs, 1 torso, and 1 head). When activated, the reanimator attempts to transform the flesh placed within it into an undead, as with the the spell create greater undead, with a caster level equal to total Hit Dice of the component dead creatures placed within the reanimator. If the Hit Dice are sufficient to create an undead creature, then the undead creature with the highest caster level requirement is created. If two or more undead creatures have the same caster level, then one is determined randomly. The undead creature created by the reanimator is under no compulsion to serve the operator of the device, though it may be controlled through other means, such as a create undead spell.

Construction Requirements       Cost 90,000 gp

Create Wondrous Item, create greater undead


SLAYER’S FRIEND           PRICE 200,700 gp
Slot —; CL 13th; Weight 6 lbs.
Aura strong necromancy

These ornate repeating heavy crossbows feature a winged deva stretching forth as a stylized crossbow head. They operate incredibly smoothly and are often inlaid with prayers in mother of pearl.

In addition to being a +5 monstrous humanoid bane undead bane repeating heavy crossbow, a slayer’s friend is especially useful in combating evil creatures. Whenever a critical hit is confirmed with the slayer’s friend against an evil creature, that creature suffers an additional 20 points of damage and must make a Fortitude save (DC 24) or be stunned for 1 round. Even creatures that would normally be immune to this effect, such as undead and dragons, are subject to this stun ability.

None of a slayer’s friend’s unique abilities count as an enhancement bonus equivalent, and it is treated as a +7-equivalent weapon for the purposes of the cost of further improving its magical abilities.

Construction Requirements       Cost 100,700

Create Wondrous Item, finger of death