Jewelry Shop

May 17th, 2017

Josh Zaback

Magic Market Archive

Magical jewelry is a storied and important part of the lore that surrounds every fantasy RPG. Magic charms, especially rings, decorate many heroes and legends. It’s no surprise, then, that player characters hunt out these wonderful trinkets to soup up their heroes. Unfortunately, at low levels, it can sometimes be hard to find items that are both useful and interesting. To that end, this week’s new Magic Market is all about the magical bling.


Slot neck; CL 11th; Weight
Aura moderate transmutation

 This platinum chain features a large jet cube as a focal point. The necklace is light despite the size of the stone, possibly indicating that the cube is hollow.
This necklace grants a +2 bonus on concentration checks and allows the wearer to maintain mental focus more easily, allowing her to maintain concentration on a spell as a move action, rather than a standard action. However, if she casts another spell while concentrating on a spell in this fashion, she must make a Concentration check (DC = 15 + twice the spell’s level) in order to maintain concentration on the spell.

Construction Requirements       Cost 4,900 gp

Create Wondrous Item, mage’s lucubration


RING OF STRIKES           PRICE 2,500 gp
Slot ring; CL 1st; Weight
Aura faint divination

 This bejeweled ring features a large center cut diamond, with a crossed sword and spear engraved upon it. When donned, the ring makes all weapons feel lighter in the wearer’s hands.
These rings grant a +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls with all weapons. Additionally, once per day, whenever the wearer makes a melee attack, he may activate the ring’s magic to deal an additional 1d6 points of damage per point of critical modifier of the weapon (2d6 for a x2 critical, or 3d6 for a x3 critical, etc.). Whenever the wearer confirms a critical hit with her weapon, he may use this ability an additional time that day.

Construction Requirements       Cost 1,250 gp

Forge Ring, true strike


Slot ring; CL 13th; Weight
Aura strong abjuration

 A simple silver band featuring a trio of thumbnail-sized flawed rubies that glitter and sparkle, these stylish rings are nearly as valued for their beauty as for their magical properties. As a subtle effect of this magic, a character wearing one of these rings feels anxious and vulnerable.
Up to 3 times per day, when another character casts a spell with a single target and the wearer is within range, the caster is forced to target the wearer. The wearer must be a valid target for the spell in order for this ability to trigger. This ability does not affect spells with a saving throw entry of harmless.

Construction Requirements       Cost 250 gp

Forge Ring, spell turning