Give Them The Moon

June 7th, 2017

Josh Zaback

Magic Market Archive

We continue Moon Week with a look at a number of moon-themed magic items. Just what makes a magic item moon-themed? Well, there are a lot of options—the obvious, of course, would be an item that creates the image of the moon, but we’ve already been there and done that. This week I’ve got some really interesting moon items that are just a little bit more out-of-the-box. So break out the gold pouches and get ready to give your characters the moon.


MOON DUST                     PRICE 30,000 gp
Slot —; CL 17th; Weight —
Aura strong conjuration

 Often stored in exotic and strange-shaped clay jars, or sometimes in ceremoniously prepared leather bags, this fine grey powder seems wholly unremarkable and no different from any other stone dust. To the touch, however, the substance is extraordinarily smooth, almost like liquid.

Moon dust is packaged with enough of the substance to affect up to 12 creatures. By coating oneself in the dust, the user is transported to the specific moon which the dust is tied to, as with the spell interplanetary teleport, except that the dust lingers on the body for 1d4 hours after arriving, preventing the user from suffering any negative environmental conditions while on the moon’s surface. Using the dust while on the moon it was tied to returns the user to the place she was when she traveled to the moon, or to a random habitable planet, if the user is native to the moon or did not travel there by dust. Moon dust does not function if not on the same plane as the moon it is tied to.

Construction Requirements       Cost 15,000 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, interplanetary teleport


MOON STONE                 PRICE 110,000 gp
Slot —; CL 17th; Weight —
Aura strong conjuration

This hand-carved granite rock is about the size of a human head, but is carved in a strange and alien geometric pattern and decorated with oddly curving runes. Each seems to have a not quite physical presence that is unnerving to most people.

By means of this stone, the user can summon a moon-beast from the realm of dreams to serve the holder of the stone. Once summoned, the moon-beast can be commanded for 1 hour before it returns from whence it came. Though telepathic, the moon-beast only obeys commands given in Aklo, and does so to the best of its ability. An uncommanded moonbeast does nothing but stand in place though it can defend itself it attacked. The moon-beast only obeys commands from a character holding the stone. Destroying the stone while the moon-beast is summoned strands the moon-beast, preventing it from automatically returning from whence it came, and frees it from any compulsion enforced by the stone, allowing it to act normally. A moon stone can be safely used once each day; after that, there is a 25% chance that using the stone again will cause it to crumble. Even with multiple uses, no more than one moon-beast can be summoned at a time in this way.

Construction Requirements       Cost 55,000gp
Craft Wondrous Item, summon monster IX


RING OF MOONLIGHT                PRICE 36,000 gp
Slot ring; CL 5th; Weight —
Aura faint evocation

These golden bands feature a real moon chip as a center cut stone. Though magical, the rings’ light cannot penetrate magical darkness like a true light spell.

These simple rings shed bright silvery light in a 60-foot- radius around the wearer. Characters affected by the moon, such as some lycanthropes, are affected as though by exposure to a full moon while in this area. The light also has an enraging effect on such creatures, who must succeed on a DC 25 Will save or be affected as by the spells rage and confusion for so long as they remain in the light.

 Additionally, once per day the wearer of a ring of moonlight can produce a beam of solid moonlight, which functions as a ranged touch attack with a range of 120 feet. If the attack is successful, it deals 4d6 points of damage and automatically dispels the highest-level spell affecting the target. If used outside under direct moonlight, the ring deals an additional 4d6 points of damage on a successful hit.

Construction Requirements       Cost 18,000 gp
Forge Ring, scorching ray, daylight