All That Glitters

July 26th, 2017

Alex Riggs

Magic Market Archive

Not all that glitters is gold, and not all treasure is, either. While Magic Market generally focuses on magic items, we like to do occasional articles featuring art objects, which are often some of the most flavorful ways for players to gain wealth and add a little spice to your treasure, but are also among the hardest to come up with on the fly. Today, we’re focusing on jewelry.


1. Gold Dragon Bracelet. This exquisite bracelet is made of gold, and has been expertly sculpted in the shape of a gold dragon, although certain artistic liberties have been made to give the dragon a somewhat more serpentine body, to allow it to take the appropriate shape. The dragon’s body forms a loop around the wearer’s wrist, but then turns ninety degrees to face forward, wings outspread, head reaching down towards the wearer’s hand. The dragon’s mouth is posed open, mid-roar. Secretly, the bracelet is hollow, and can be filled with oil or a similar substance, with a secret button on the bottom of the bracelet causing the jewelry to release a short but potent burst of flame for self-defense.

2. Bloodstone Ring. Rumored to be cursed, this obsidian ring features a single massive ruby, nearly two inches across. It is cut in a hexagon, with the mounting carved to resemble a demonic face, mouth stretched open wide to hold the stone, pointed fangs protruding around its corners to hold the massive rock in place. The inside of the ring’s band features several small, needle-like protrusions which do not break the wearer’s skin if the ring is handled carefully, but if the hand wearing the ring is jostled, often result in pinprick wounds.

3. Black Pearl Necklace. This necklace, as its name implies, is a string of pearls, each of which is a rare and beautiful black pearl, which gleams with an inky black luster. In addition to forming a band about the neck, several strings of pearls dangle down from the neck over the chest, fanning out like rays of the sun.

4. Moon Earrings. These earrings dangle down from the ear, and have been carved in the shape of crescent moons, each one bearing a face: one smiling, the other frowning. What is truly remarkable about the earrings, however, is that they are made from metal that was mined upon the moon itself, and when they are struck by moonlight, they seem to glow with a wispy bluish light.

5. Ghost Tiara. This tiara is beyond simply being delicate; it is actually ethereal. The band of the tiara is solid and physical, made of white gold, but the rest of it is wispy and immaterial, as part of the tiara has actually been shifted to the Ethereal Plane, while still being anchored to the band. Nonetheless, it can still be seen in exquisite detail, with beautiful pearls and sapphires decorating the delicate whorls of white gold. Further, the entire thing glows with a shimmering inner light. The tiara’s owner rents it for exorbitant prices to be worn for special occasions.

6. Jade Serpent Choker. This choker is made of several segments of pure jade, which has had lines of gold inlaid along its length. The serpent’s eyes are emeralds, and a long, forked tongue extends from the serpent’s mouth to form the latch. Legend has it that the choker is inhabited by a powerful spirit, and that if it is stolen, then when the thief puts on the choker it begins to constrict around their throat, choking them to death to punish them for their crime.

7. Amber Prison Earrings. These dangling earrings consist of a pair of amber orbs, each about an inch tall and half as wide. Inside of each, one can barely make out the silhouettes of tiny figures that, other than their size, very much appear to be human. Crafted specially for an ambitious and powerful noblewoman, some rumors persist that the figures in the earrings are actually her two former husbands, each of whom disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

8. Dragon’s Eye Ring. This ring features a large, dome-shaped topaz, roughly an inch across. Perfectly rounded and circular, the stone has a particularly striking irregularity: a long, thin dark streak down the center of the gem, embedded deep within, which gives it the appearance of being a bright yellow, reptilian eye rather than a mere stone. Although tales are told that the ring is magic and is used by some dark force to spy on the wearer’s surroundings, all examinations of the ring have failed to find any evidence of this.

9. Finger Bone Necklace. This intricate and delicate necklace is crafted entirely from the finger bones of humanoid creatures, primarily humans and elves, but with a few larger dwarf and orc bones mixed in as well, and some of the very small pieces coming from halflings and gnomes. Held together with thin copper wires, the bones splay out over the wearer’s upper torso, forming a grim web.

10. Rainbow Bracelet. This platinum bracelet features seven gemstones, each cut in a different shape and of a different type. Included are a shield-shaped ruby, a heart-shaped citrine, a square topaz, a hexagonal emerald, a star-shaped sapphire, a round amethyst, and a triangular iolite.