Fur Trade

February 8th, 2018

Josh Zaback

Magic Market Archive

Animals are not the most interesting monsters. They rarely have a lot of exotic special abilities, and tend not to have the most intriguing motivations. That said, animals can make for interesting story elements, either as companions to the heroes, or as exciting pieces of scenery. The following items aim to bring the majesty of the animal kingdom to your game.

FRENZY WHIP                                                    PRICE 4,301 gp
Slot none; CL 7th; Weight 2 lbs.
Aura moderate enchantment

These devious whips were designed to cause panic and extreme explosions of violence in animals. Made from cowhide, each of these horrible devices is finely crafted and features a comfortable handle for ease of use.

A frenzy whip is a +1 whip that has been enchanted so that it deals full damage to animals, regardless of the amount of natural armor they possess. In addition, whenever a creature of the animal type is damaged by the whip, it must succeed on a DC 16 Will save or fly into a frenzy for 1d4 rounds. The effects of multiple instances of damage to the same animal overlap and do not stack. A frenzied animal gains a +4 bonus to its Strength and Dexterity scores, but must attack the nearest creature each turn. If no creature is close enough that it could reach it with one round of movement, the animal may act normally and the effects of the frenzy end. When a critical hit is scored against an animal with the frenzy whip, the frenzy effect lasts for 2d4 rounds and there is no saving throw to resist the effect.

None of a frenzy whip’s unique abilities count as an enhancement bonus equivalent, and it is treated as a +1 weapon for the purposes of the cost of further improving its magical abilities.

Construction Requirements                                      Cost 2,301 gp

Craft Magical Arms and Armor, confusion, rage


KINSHIP HIDE                                                  PRICE 20,165 gp
Slot armor; CL 11th; Weight 25 lbs.
Aura moderate transmutation

This unusual hide armor is made from the skin of some unknown creature, or fashioned from a composite of such mysterious beasts. Grayish in color, with both stripes and spots, the armor smells faintly of wild beasts.

In addition to functioning as a suit of +2 hide, a kinship hide grants its wearer the magical ability to assume the forms of animals it interacts with. Up to 3 times per day, whenever the wearer of a kinship hide is damaged by the natural attack of an animal, the wearer can assume the form of that creature as an immediate action. This functions like the spell beast shape IV, except that the wearer can only assume the form of the animal that damaged him and the effect lasts for 1 minute.

None of a kinship hide’s unique abilities count as an enhancement bonus equivalent, and it is treated as a +2 armor for the purposes of the cost of further improving its magical abilities.  

Construction Requirements                                   Cost 10,165 gp

Craft Magical Arms and Armor, beast shape IV


RAGING BEAR SHIELD                             PRICE 26,380 gp
Slot none; CL 7th; Weight 45 lbs.
Aura moderate conjuration

This full-body tower shield bears the image of a rampaging bear emblazoned across the entire front of the shield. The bear image is finely detailed in gold filigree and includes a pair of 100 gp rubies, which serve as the creature’s blood-red eyes.

A raging bear shield always functions as a +3 tower shield, and additionally grants its wearer a +2 enhancement bonus to his Constitution score. The wearer must have worn the shield for at least 1 hour per day and for 8 hours total before he gains this Constitution bonus, and it lingers so long as he does not go at least 1 full day without wielding the shield for at least an hour. Additionally, once per day, as a full-round action, the wearer of a raging bear shield can invoke its power to cause the bear on the shield’s front to come to life and fight his foes. This functions identically to summoning a grizzly bear with summon nature’s ally IV, except that the bear uses either its own base attack bonus or the wearer’s, whichever is higher.

None of the raging bear shield’s unique abilities count as an enhancement bonus equivalent, and it is treated as a +3 shield for the purposes of the cost of further improving its magical abilities.  

Construction Requirements                        Cost 13,280 gp

Craft Magical Arms and Armor, bear’s endurance, summon nature’s ally IV


WAR MOUNT’S SADDLE                                  PRICE 4,500 gp
none; CL 11th; Weight 30 lbs.
Aura moderate enchantment

This beautiful saddle is both stately and functional. Made from the very finest leather and polished with alchemical substances to ensure it remains shiny, the saddle is nearly as impressive as the topaz-studded nails and rhinestones that hold it together.

When the saddle is placed upon an animal, regardless of its type, the saddle automatically warps and changes to fit that creature and functions like a military saddle. Additionally, when a humanoid character sits in the saddle, she and the mount are joined. The rider can take 10 on Ride checks made to fight with a combat-trained mount, and the mount may use either the rider’s base attack bonus or its own, whichever is higher.

Construction Requirements                                       Cost 2,250 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, greater heroism