War Market

December 11th, 2018

Josh Zaback

Magic Market Archive

War seems like something you might run into often in a fantasy roleplaying game that seems to primarily be about killing things. However, in my experience, large-scale battles just aren’t all that common, and usually involve special rules to quickly resolve extremely complex battle. Even so, warriors and soldiers make up a large number of characters in your average party, and unusually large battles are a lot of fun, so we decided to create some magic items for war!


ARMOR OF THE FALLEN                         PRICE 4,350 gp
Slot armor; CL 3rd; Weight 30 lbs.
Aura faint necromancy        

The first suits of armor of the fallen were forged by smiths for heroic soldiers doomed to fall in great wars, far from home. These gorgeous breastplates are crafted in the classical style, with the shining iron being molded into the shape of the terrible physique of a demigod.

In addition to functioning as a +1 breastplate, an armor of the fallen has a number of properties that take effect whenever the wearer is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points. The armor cannot be removed, except by a character who was an ally of the wearer in life for at least 24 hours. Additionally, the wearer’s body is preserved, as by the spell gentle repose, until the armor is removed. Finally, when the wearer is reduced to 0 or fewer hit point, the wearer and all allies within 60 feet gain a +1 morale bonus to Will saves and on Constitution checks made to stabilize.

Some of an armor of the fallen defenses’ unique abilities count as an enhancement bonus equivalent, and it is treated as a +2-equivalent armor for the purposes of the cost of further improving its magical abilities.             

Construction Requirements                             Cost 2,350 gp

Craft Magical Arms and Armor, gentle repose 


BATTLE DRUM OF DOOM                      PRICE 7,500 gp
Slot none; CL 1st; Weight 3 lbs.
Aura faint necromancy

This fine drum has an iron body and skin of hide taken from a warhorse slain in battle. The hide and the sides of the drum are dyed various shades of crimson, meant to look like drying blood.

The drum’s magic strikes fear in the hearts of all who hear it played. In order to use the drum, the user must make a successful DC 10 Perform (percussion) check as a standard action. A character that uses bardic performance or raging song and uses Perform (percussion) for the performance can activate a battle drum of doom as part of the performance without needing to expend an additional action. Each creature within 100 feet who can hear the drum suffers a –2 penalty on saving throws against fear effects, and the DC to Intimidate such characters is reduced by an amount equal to the performer’s Charisma modifier. Additionally, creatures with fewer Hit Dice than the user has ranks in Perform (percussion) lose immunity to fear as long as the drums continue to play.

Construction Requirements                             Cost 3,750 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, cause fear


BETTER PART                                               PRICE 16,159 gp
Slot shield; CL 3rd; Weight 6 lbs.
Aura faint abjuration

Named for the expression that discretion is the better part of valor, these shields are sometimes also called the shield of retreat or the coward’s savior. This simple steel disk is enchanted to make escape from overwhelming odds, and thus regrouping to defeat your foes with the aid of your allies, more viable.

In addition to functioning as a +3 light steel shield, a better part grants its wearer a dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity. This dodge bonus is equal to +2 for each creature threatening the wearer. Additionally, whenever a creature aids the wearer’s AC using the aid another action, the bonus to AC is increased by +1 for each creature threatening the wearer of the better part.

Some of a better part’s unique abilities count as an enhancement bonus equivalent, and it is treated as a +5-equivalent shield for the purposes of the cost of further improving its magical abilities.

Construction Requirements                             Cost 8,159 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, shield other


WARRIOR’S BANNER                                PRICE 2,000 gp
Slot none; CL 3rd; Weight 3 lbs.
Aura faint enchantment

These enchanted banners can come in a variety of appearances, each bearing the coat of arms or crest of a different faction. Regardless of the exact form the banner takes, its sight inspires terrific heroics and hope in those that see it.

As a full-round action, a user can raise the banner and waive it proudly to bestow up to 10 temporary hit points to any number of target creatures who can see the banner. As long as these temporary hit points remain, an affected creature gains immunity to fear effects and can reroll up to one attack roll or saving each round. Once a warrior’s banner has bestowed 200 total hit points, it becomes a non-magical piece of cloth.

Construction Requirements                            Cost 1,000 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, aid