Obscure Arcana



Article Title
Stage Spells Alex Riggs 12/20/2018
Medium Spells Alex Riggs 12/6/2018
Advanced Spellbooks Alex Riggs 11/22/2018
Arcane Armory Joshua Zaback 11/6/2018
Lovecraftian Spellbooks Joshua Zaback 10/23/2018
Risky Business Partners Joshua Zaback 9/18/2018
Hunting for Humanoids Alex Riggs 9/14/2018
Alignment Arcana Joshua Zaback 9/4/2018
For My Next Trick Alex Riggs 8/30/2018
Possession Spells Joshua Zaback 7/24/2018
Sympathetic Spells Alex Riggs 7/12/2018
Psychically-Focused Spells Alex Riggs 6/28/2018
Elemental Spellbooks Joshua Zaback 6/19/2018
Rage Spells Alex Riggs 5/24/2018
Objective Arcana Alex Riggs 5/10/2018
Spells of the Hunt Alex Riggs 4/19/2018
Spiritual Magic Joshua Zaback 3/20/2018
Fiendish Spellbooks Alex Riggs 3/1/2018
Healing Spells Joshua Zaback 2/1/2018
Spells of the Body Alex Riggs 1/18/2018
Ghosts of Christmas Magic Alex Riggs 12/21/2017
Artifact Spells Alex Riggs 12/14/2017
Feel-Good Spells Joshua Zaback 12/7/2017
Travel Spells Alex Riggs 11/9/2017
Superior Spells Joshua Zaback 11/2/2017
Unicasting Joshua Zaback 10/26/2017
Melee Magic Alex Riggs 10/19/2017
Hybrid Spells Joshua Zaback 10/12/2017
You Ruse, You Lose Alex Riggs 10/5/2017
Cretacious Casting Alex Riggs 9/28/2017
Wondrous Walls Joshua Zaback 9/7/2017
Western Spells Alex Riggs 8/31/2017
Mental Manipulations Joshua Zaback 8/24/2017
Creepy Crawly Casting Joshua Zaback 8/17/2017
Obscure Aviana Alex Riggs 8/10/2017
Riding High Alex Riggs 8/10/2017
Spells of Self Joshua Zaback 7/27/2017
Sol-Arcane Flare Joshua Zaback 7/20/2017
Casting in Combat Joshua Zaback 6/29/2017
Invoking Sanctuary Joshua Zaback 6/22/2017
Blowing Smoke Joshua Zaback 6/15/2017
Moon Magic Alex Riggs 6/8/2017
Magical Maneuvers Alex Riggs 6/1/2017
Ring Magic Joshua Zaback 5/25/2017
Alternative Medicine Joshua Zaback 5/18/2017
Pythagorean Spells Alex Riggs 5/11/2017
Underwater Arcana Joshua Zaback 4/20/2017
Gothic Magic Alex Riggs 4/13/2017
Unpredictable Spells Joshua Zaback 4/6/2017
Magic Mania Joshua Zaback 3/30/2017
Arcane Eats Joshua Zaback 3/23/2017
Transportation Spells Joshua Zaback 3/16/2017
Cooperative Casting Joshua Zaback 3/9/2017
Big Spells Alex Riggs 3/2/2017
Stage Magic Alex Riggs 2/9/2017
Mirror Magic Alex Riggs 2/2/2017
Small Magic Joshua Zaback 1/26/2017
Life and Light Magic Joshua Zaback 1/19/2017
Technomancy Alex Riggs 1/12/2017
Obscure Returns Joshua Zaback 1/5/2017
Kinetic Casting Joshua Zaback 12/16/2015
Casting Combos Alex Riggs 12/09/2015
Mesmerist Tricks Alex Riggs 12/02/2015
Occult Following Joshua Zaback 11/25/2015
Astral Arcana Alex Riggs 11/04/2015
Anti (Paladin) Spells Alex Riggs 10/28/2015
Meet Me in the Medium Joshua Zaback 10/21/2015
Item Arcana Joshua Zaback 10/14/2015
Shadespawn Spells Joshua Zaback 10/07/2015
Excellent Extracts Joshua Zaback 9/30/2015
Mind Your Magic Joshua Zaback 9/23/2015
Mutagenic Mutations Alex Riggs 9/2/2015
Spellruption Joshua Zaback 8/26/2015
Thinking Spells Joshua Zaback 8/19/2015
Occultist Spells Joshua Zaback 8/12/2015
Paladin Around Joshua Zaback 8/5/2015
Smoke and Fire Spells Joshua Zaback 7/29/2015
Object Lessons Alex Riggs 7/22/2015
Spiritual Spells Joshua Zaback 7/15/2015
Mesozoic Magic Alex Riggs 6/24/2015
Rock Out Alex Riggs 6/17/2015
Nosicar's Return Alex Riggs 6/10/2015
Ishior Arcana Joshua Zaback 6/3/2015
Folio of the Fiends Alex Riggs 5/27/2015
Spells from the Bottom of the Barrel Alex Riggs 5/6/2015
Friendly Spells Alex Riggs 4/29/2015
Wilderness Reimagined Joshua Zaback 4/22/2015
Death Spells Joshua Zaback 4/15/2015
Cirque du Spells Alex Riggs 4/8/2015
Urban Arcana Joshua Zaback 4/1/2015
Copy Copy Copy Magic Alex Riggs 3/25/2015
Wyrm Magic Alex Riggs 3/18/2015
Armored Arcana Joshua Zaback 2/25/2015
Alcohol Arcana Joshua Zaback 2/18/2015
Circle Spells Joshua Zaback 2/11/2015
Troll-Kin Magic Joshua Zaback 2/4/2015
Dispelled Arcana Joshua Zaback 1/28/2015
Sedate Spells Alex Riggs 1/21/2015
Construct Conjuration Joshua Zaback 1/14/2015
Magic Item Magic Joshua Zaback 1/7/2015
Speed Spells Joshua Zaback 12/10/2014
Crime Time Alex Riggs 12/03/2014
Righteous Rites Alex Riggs 11/26/2014
Spells From Advanced Arcana V Alex Riggs 11/19/2014
Domain Spells III Alex Riggs 11/12/2014
Falling For Magic Alex Riggs 11/05/2014
Alien Arcana Alex Riggs 10/22/2014
Truly Evil Spells Joshua Zaback 10/15/2014
Paladin and Ranger Spells Joshua Zaback 10/08/2014
Spell Songs Joshua Zaback 10/01/2014
Amazing Spells Joshua Zaback 09/24/2014
Level 0 Alex Riggs 09/17/2014
Summertime Spells Joshua Zaback 09/10/2014
Domain Spells II Alex Riggs 09/03/2014
Psionic Spells Alex Riggs 08/27/2014
Domain Spells Alex Riggs 08/20/2014
Magical Malaise Joshua Zaback 08/13/2014
Exacting Extracts Joshua Zaback 08/06/2014
Shield Spells Joshua Zaback 07/16/2014
Curses! Alex Riggs 07/09/2014
Arch Arcana Joshua Zaback 07/02/2014
Summoning Solutions Joshua Zaback 06/25/2014
Blood, Shadow, and Smoke Spells Alex Riggs 06/18/2014
City-Slick Spells Alex Riggs 06/11/2014
A Man on Fire Joshua Zaback 06/04/2014
Alchemical Arcana Alex Riggs 05/28/2014
Personal Enhancement Alex Riggs 05/07/2014
Spring Casting Joshua Zaback 04/30/2014
Defensive Explosion Joshua Zaback 04/23/2014
Schools of Thought Alex Riggs 04/16/2014
Creature Feature Alex Riggs 04/09/2014
Plantrips Joshua Zaback 04/02/2014
Spells of the Witch Alex Riggs 03/26/2014
Forbidden Spells Joshua Zaback 03/19/2014
Ranger Spells Joshua Zaback 03/12/2014
Knight Spells Joshua Zaback 03/05/2014
Trigger Spells Joshua Zaback 02/26/2014
Winter Wonderland, Part II Alex Riggs 02/05/2014
Winter Wonderland, Part I Alex Riggs 01/29/2014
Venom Magic Alex Riggs 01/22/2014
Snow Spells Joshua Zaback 01/15/2014
I'm Magic and You're Glue Alex Riggs 01/08/2014
Spells of Villainy Alex Riggs 12/19/2013
Zombie Spells Joshua Zaback 12/12/2013
Penetrating Spells Alex Riggs 12/05/2013
Friendly Spells Joshua Zaback 11/28/2013
A Tour of Advanced Arcana IV Alex Riggs 11/21/2013
Not-So-Advanced Arcana Alex Riggs 11/07/2013
Wolfen Spells Joshua Zaback 10/31/2013
Tree's Company Alex Riggs 10/24/2013
Revenant Remnants Joshua Zaback 10/17/2013
Movie Magic Joshua Zaback 10/10/2013
Patronizing Spells, Part II Alex Riggs 09/26/2013
Patronizing Spells Alex Riggs 09/19/2013
Unsafe Spells III Alex Riggs 09/12/2013
Combat Casting Joshua Zaback 09/05/2013
Constructive Spells Alex Riggs 08/29/2013
Anti-Spells Alex Riggs 08/22/2013
Pounding Pavement Alex Riggs 08/15/2013
Soul Magic Alex Riggs 07/25/2013
Fiendish Arcana Joshua Zaback 07/18/2013
Eidolon Arcana Alex Riggs 07/11/2013
Ninja Sutras Joshua Zaback 07/04/2013
Extracting the Magic Alex Riggs 06/27/2013
Spells of the Hunter Joshua Zaback 06/20/2013
Seven Inquisitions Joshua Zaback 06/13/2013
A Love-Letter to Litanies Alex Riggs 06/06/2013
Coven to Get Ya Alex Riggs 05/30/2013
More Than Magic Joshua Zaback 05/23/2013
Knowledge is Spellpower Alex Riggs 05/16/2013
Scaly Spells Joshua Zaback 05/02/2013
Bloodline Spells, Part II Alex Riggs 04/25/2013
Bloodline Spells, Part I Alex Riggs 04/18/2013
A Bard's Life Joel Migas 04/11/2013
Obscure Sutras Joshua Zaback 04/04/2013
High-Level Hijinks Alex Riggs 03/28/2013
Hammers Arcanum Joshua Zaback 03/21/2013
A Matter of Life and Death Marie Barnes 03/14/2013
Martial Magic Alex Riggs 02/21/2013
What is Love? Joel Migas 02/14/2013
Druid Dalliance Joshua Zaback 02/07/2013
Gob-scure Arcana Joshua Zaback 01/31/2013
Can't Miss Cantrips Joshua Zaback 01/24/2013
Unsafe Spells II Alex Riggs 01/17/2013
Spells of Skill Joshua Zaback 01/10/2013
Arcana for Beginners Joshua Zaback 01/03/2013
Viking Magic Alex Riggs 12/20/2012
Transmutation Sensation Joshua Zaback 12/13/2012
Antipaladin Spells Alex Riggs 12/06/2012
Pointed Spells Alex Riggs 11/29/2012
Advanced Arcana III Preview Alex Riggs 11/22/2012
Spells for Justice Alex Riggs 11/15/2012
Obscure Alchemy Joshua Zaback 11/08/2012
Animated Arcana Alex Riggs 11/01/2012
Arcane Archery Alex Riggs 10/18/2012
Faithful Spells Alex Riggs 10/11/2012
Financial Wizardry Joshua Zaback 10/04/2012
Clerical Errors Alex Riggs 09/27/2012
Unsafe Spells Alex Riggs 09/20/2012
Sights and Sounds Alex Riggs 09/13/2012
Grim Grimoire Joshua Zaback 08/30/2012
Secure Arcana Alex Riggs 08/23/2012
Disappearing Act Joshua Zaback 08/16/2012
Arcane Plots Joshua Zaback 08/09/2012
Evoking Fun Alex Riggs 08/02/2012
Creepy Crawly Casting Alex Riggs 07/26/2012
'Slinger Spells Alex Riggs 07/19/2012
Martial Magic Joshua Zaback 07/12/2012
Music Magic Alex Riggs 06/21/2012
Molding Magic Alex Riggs 06/14/2012
More Mental Magic Alex Riggs 06/07/2012
Meta Magic Alex Riggs 05/31/2012
The Magic of Dragons Joshua Zaback 05/24/2012
Caustic Casting Alex Riggs 05/17/2012
Paladin Spells Alex Riggs 05/03/2012
See the Magic Alex Riggs 04/26/2012
Rock Magic Alex Riggs 04/19/2012
Mount Magic Joshua Zaback 04/12/2012
Gathering Spells Joshua Zaback 04/05/2012
The Noble Art Alex Riggs 03/29/2012
Storage Wars Alex Riggs 03/22/2012
Obscure Conjuration Joshua Zaback 03/15/2012
Fun With Dismemberment Alex Riggs 03/08/2012
Maiden Magic Joshua Zaback 03/01/2012
Spells of the Sword Joshua Zaback 02/09/2012
Magic of the Mind Alex Riggs 02/02/2012
Apex Abjuration Joshua Zaback 01/26/2012
Shared Spells Alex Riggs 01/19/2012