The Crypt

Extraordinary Feats

         Every Tuesday, Extraordinary Feats showcased a number of new feats available for characters of every sort. While not every installment may have a feat for every type of character, each article has at least a few feats that are accessible at any level with few, if any requirements, and most have a number of more specialized feats as well, allowing you to really customize your character and set him or her apart from the pack.


Top Ten

         In 2016, this was an article with a focus on flavor, rather than on mechanics. Top Ten provided a list of flavorful descriptions of people, places, or things, all tied to a particular topic, and ready to drop into your game, or inspire you to new heights of creativity




         If you're looking for the kinds of editorial content, story ideas, and GM advice that was previously provided by articles like Dark Designs and Grave Plots, or even if you're just on the lookout for some entertaining listening, you're in luck. Every Friday Necromancers of the Northwest releases a roughly-one-hour-long podcast variety hour with all that, plus reviews of gaming products, and other entertaining material.


Dark Designs

         Updated every Monday, this column was devoted to examining the intricacies of designing for games like 3.5 OGL and Pathfinder, and also allowed a behind-the-scenes look at the way we design our products. Occasional forays into GM advice also gave tips on a variety of subjects. Dark Designs was written by design manager Alex Riggs.


Grave Plots

         Every Tuesday designer Joshua Zaback provided you with a number of new and exciting plot hooks for your game: expand them into full adventures, drop them into a game already in place, or just read through and savor the possibilities. Occasional forays into GM advice also gave you tips on how to handle specific styles of stories and campaigns in your game.


Masters and Minions

         A column dedicated to creating interesting monsters, NPCs, and encounters which can easily be placed into any campaign, designer Justin Holloway provided new and unique situations for your player characters to deal with every Wednesday.


Nefarious Knowledge

         This column brought the world of Necromancers of the Northwest products to life, providing detailed information on the places, organizations, and characters referenced in our products.


Foursaken Feature

         Each Thursday, one of our designers provided a little love for the latest edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Whether it came in the form of feats, powers, paragon paths, magic items or monsters, this is where we were providing 4th-edition content.


From the Workshop

         A chance for our designers and developers to flex their creative muscle, this column was a grab-bag of goodies which could range from monsters and NPCs to spells and magic items, or could be something altogether more complicated, such as alternate rules or things related to other games. It updated every Friday.


Ravenous Rants

         Not technically an article, this was a place for our designers to let down their metaphorical hair and talk about subjects that interested them, but may not fit in with the articles the write. It was never updated on a regular schedule.