Exotic Encounters

         Each Monday we provide you with a new monster, complete with a stat-block (including at least one brand-new, never-before-seen special ability), as well as an ecology write up. Of course, there are exceptions. On some Thursdays, we give you a whole new player character race, instead.


Best In Class

         Each Tuesday, this article provides new alternate class features for Pathfinder classes of all sorts. This could take the form of new archetypes for those classes, or might instead consist of alternate options for things like barbarian rage powers, cleric domains, rogue talents, sorcerer bloodlines, and the like. The options presented here allow you to craft your class into exactly what you envision it to be.


Magic Market

         Wednesday is market day here at Necromancers of the Northwest, and what could possibly interest daring adventurers more than magic items? From unique magical weapons and armor to fantastic and fascinating wondrous items with special abilities, and everything in between, if you're looking to outfit your character, no matter his specialty, you've found the right place.


Obscure Arcana

         On Thursdays we delve into the arcane arts, poring over ancient and exotic tomes to bring you the best and the brightest in ancient and forgotten spellcraft, or else new arcana developed in our own laboratories. Most classes in Pathfinder have at least some access to magic, and they'll all find something for them here.




         When we put out one of our larger products, we often have a special article explaining what's inside and showing off some of the content. These articles can be found here.



The Crypt

         Our older articles aren't dead, per se. They're just resting, and waiting for the stars to align and spell out their return. In the meantime, you can peruse the old archives here in the crypt.