Extraordinary Feats



Article Title
Teamwork Feats Joshua Zaback 12/25/2018
Scholarly Skill Unlocks (Part 2) Joshua Zaback 12/04/2018
Scholarly Skill Unlocks (Part 1) Joshua Zaback 11/27/2018
Heroic Achievements Joshua Zaback 11/13/2018
Combat and Social Traits Joshua Zaback 6/12/2018
Skill Mastery Feats II Alex Riggs 5/17/2018
Faith and Magic Traits Joshua Zaback 4/24/2018
Skill Mastery Feats Alex Riggs 3/15/2018
Combat Maneuver Master Feats Joshua Zaback 2/27/2018
Death Achievements Joshua Zaback 1/23/2018
Critical Threat! Alex Riggs 12/09/2014
Hitters, Grifters, and Thieves Oh My! Alex Riggs 12/02/2014
Conditional Feats Joshua Zaback 11/25/2014
Advanced Arcane Feats Joshua Zaback 11/18/2014
Elemental Fundamentalists Alex Riggs 11/11/2014
Feats of Fall Joshua Zaback 11/04/2014
Extraterrestrial Feats Joshua Zaback 10/21/2014
Racial Profiling II Alex Riggs 10/14/2014
Sensational Smiting Joshua Zaback 10/07/2014
Metaperformance Feats Alex Riggs 09/30/2014
Solo Feats Alex Riggs 09/23/2014
Triumphant Traits Joshua Zaback 09/16/2014
Feats in the Sun Alex Riggs 09/09/2014
Fear Feats Joshua Zaback 09/02/2014
Feats of (Psionic) Focus Alex Riggs 08/26/2014
Tactical Feats Joshua Zaback 08/19/2014
All's Ill That Ends Ill Joshua Zaback 08/12/2014
Racial Profiling Alex Riggs 08/05/2014
Solid Shield Feats Joshua Zaback 07/15/2014
Ooze Feats Are These Alex Riggs 07/08/2014
Ultimate Feats Alex Riggs 07/01/2014
Monstrous Defenses Alex Riggs 06/24/2014
Feats of Vampirism Joshua Zaback 06/17/2014
Urban Feats Joshua Zaback 06/10/2014
Feats of Claw and Constriction Alex Riggs 06/03/2014
Advanced Herbalism Joshua Zaback 05/27/2014
Hard Hitters Joshua Zaback 05/06/2014
Spring Feats! Joshua Zaback 04/29/2014
Charge! Joshua Zaback 04/22/2014
The Five Schools of Martial Action Alex Riggs 04/15/2014
Weather Feats Joshua Zaback 04/08/2014
Plant Feats Alex Riggs 04/01/2014
Feats of Last Resort Joshua Zaback 03/25/2014
Forbidden Feats Joshua Zaback 03/18/2014
Motivate Yourself Alex Riggs 03/11/2014
Chivalric Feats Alex Riggs 03/04/2014
Tough Feats Joshua Zaback 02/25/2014
Feats of Opportunity Joshua Zaback 02/04/2014
Frozen Feats Joshua Zaback 01/28/2014
Kung Feats Joshua Zaback 01/21/2014
Feats of Consumption Alex Riggs 01/14/2014
Feats of Expertise Joshua Zaback 01/07/2014
Feats of Villainy Joshua Zaback 12/17/2013
Feats of the Grave Joshua Zaback 12/10/2013
Unorthodox Feats Joshua Zaback 12/03/2013
What Do You Wand? Alex Riggs 11/26/2013
Feats of Advanced Arcana IV Alex Riggs 11/19/2013
Wereing Me Out Alex Riggs 11/05/2013
Werewolf Feats Alex Riggs 10/29/2013
Feats of Desperation Joshua Zaback 10/22/2013
Hackin' and Coffin' Alex Riggs 10/15/2013
Great Swordsmanship Alex Riggs 10/08/2013
Specialty Feats Alex Riggs 09/24/2013
Feats of Patronage Joshua Zaback 09/17/2013
Feats of Faith Joshua Zaback 09/10/2013
Poisonous Feats Alex Riggs 09/03/2013
Feats of Construction Joshua Zaback 08/27/2013
Heavy Meta Alex Riggs 08/20/2013
Best Feats Forward Alex Riggs 08/13/2013
Fiendish Devotions, Part II Joshua Zaback 07/23/2013
Fiendish Devotions Alex Riggs 07/16/2013
Flashy Feats Joshua Zaback 07/09/2013
Ninja Mastery Feats Joshua Zaback 07/02/2013
An Axe to Grind Alex Riggs 06/25/2013
Feats from Bounty of the Ranger Joshua Zaback 06/18/2013
Feats of Inquisition Joshua Zaback 06/11/2013
The Forgotten Skill Feats Alex Riggs 06/04/2013
Coven Feats Joshua Zaback 05/28/2013
Kiss and Tell Alex Riggs 05/21/2013
Know it All Alex Riggs 05/14/2013
Kobold Feats Alex Riggs 04/30/2013
Evasive Action Joshua Zaback 04/23/2013
Sorcerous Traits Joshua Zaback 04/16/2013
Feats of the Mind Joshua Zaback 04/09/2013
Sutra Feats Marie Barnes 04/02/2013
Tongue in Cheek Marie Barnes 03/26/2013
Hammer Time Alex Riggs 03/19/2013
Casting with Style Joel Migas 03/12/2013
Feats of Martial Action Joshua Zaback 02/19/2013
The Book on Kissing Joshua Zaback 02/12/2013
Tri-Do Alex Riggs 02/05/2013
Goblin Games Joel Migas 01/29/2013
Harvesting Feats Alex Riggs 01/22/2013
Armor Feats Joshua Zaback 01/15/2013
Flail's Fair in Love and War Alex Riggs 01/08/2013
Feats of Destiny Joshua Zaback 01/01/2013
Viking Feats Alex Riggs 12/18/2012
Spell Shifting Alex Riggs 12/11/2012
Whipped! Joshua Zaback 12/04/2012
Knife Fighters Alex Riggs 11/27/2012
Wrestling Joshua Zaback 11/20/2012
Criminal Feats Joshua Zaback 11/13/2012
You're Axeing For It Alex Riggs 11/06/2012
Necromania Joshua Zaback 10/30/2012
Trick Shots Joshua Zaback 10/16/2012
Feats of Flying Joshua Zaback 10/09/2012
The Golden Touch Alex Riggs 10/02/2012
Unfair Feats Joshua Zaback 09/25/2012
Fully Staffed Alex Riggs 09/18/2012
Faster than the Eye Alex Riggs 09/11/2012
Inhuman Feats Joshua Zaback 08/28/2012
Hand and a Haft Joshua Zaback 08/21/2012
Stealing the Show Alex Riggs 08/14/2012
Adventurer's Feats Joshua Zaback 08/07/2012
Altering Evocation Joshua Zaback 07/31/2012
Gone Fencin' Alex Riggs 07/24/2012
Extraordinary Gunmanship Joshua Zaback 07/17/2012
Feats of the Skilled, Part IV Joshua Zaback 07/10/2012
Performing Feats Joshua Zaback 06/19/2012
Feats of the Skilled, Part III Joshua Zaback 06/12/2012
Feats of Enchantment Alex Riggs 06/05/2012
Feats of the Skilled, Part II Joshua Zaback 05/29/2012
Draconic Feats Alex Riggs 05/22/2012
Feats of the Skilled Joshua Zaback 05/15/2012
Twin Feats Alex Riggs 05/01/2012
Feats of Foretelling Joshua Zaback 04/24/2012
Advanced Mounted Feats Joshua Zaback 04/17/2012
Mounted Mastery Joshua Zaback 04/10/2012
Feats of Skill Alex Riggs 04/03/2012
Noble Feats Joshua Zaback 03/27/2012
Zen Feats Alex Riggs 03/20/2012
Conjuration Sensation Joshua Zaback 03/13/2012
Mounted Feats Joshua Zaback 03/06/2012
Distressing Feats Alex Riggs 02/28/2012
Swordplay Joshua Zaback 02/07/2012
Martial Arts Workshop Joshua Zaback 01/31/2012
On Defense Alex Riggs 01/24/2012
Feats of the Dragon Joshua Zaback 01/17/2012